Happy Halloween!

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Megaphonic FM!

Adam, Beth, and Chris have been working on a podcast for a little while now, and it was going pretty well. We felt the urge to create more, to try out more things, to get our friends involved in the fun. We were also burning with a few ideas about what make podcasts great and what's special about podcasts that are hard to replicate in other media (including radio).

Our first shows each take a different approach to podcasting: It’s Just A Show reviews the cult tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000, and mixes research, opinion, and conversation into a tightly edited package. You’re Not Funny is a conversation about comedy that pushes at least one of its hosts well out of his comfort zone. This Is Your Mixtape offers extended interviews with diverse people about five songs they loved at various points in their life, from childhood to now, to explore the various ways music connects with our biographies. Finally, And Thereby Hangs A Tale gets people to share their most remarkable stories with a host who is hungry to hear them.

We’ll be bringing in more people in the future—we already have a few more shows at the planning stages. But for now, please check out all our fancy little shows—we hope you’ll find something you enjoy. Thanks for listening.