Megaphonic Launch party. [Saturday, March 24.]

Hey, remember when we launched a podcast network a little while ago? Let’s have a party to celebrate it!

We're particularly excited because we'll also be celebrating a new Megaphonic podcast, THE OPPOSITE OF LONELY! Each episode, host Nadia Halim will sit down with a couple of interesting people and discuss how people create community and social connection these days. Topics include: the relationships that don’t usually get discussed in relationship podcasts—with friends, siblings, even coworkers; what gives us a sense of togetherness; and what puts the quality in “quality time.” Being unlonely these days is a work in progress. It can be challenging and confusing, and most of us are still figuring out how to do it. Let's talk about it. Come hang out with us!

The Opposite of Lonely joins Megaphonic's other podcasts:

THIS IS YOUR MIXTAPE. Michael Collins asks a guest to talk about five songs from five different periods of their life.
AND THEREBY HANGS A TALE. People tell their most incredible stories to Adam Clarke.
YOU’RE NOT FUNNY. An ongoing discussion about comedy between ex-standup Adam Clarke and comedy-curious Chris Piuma.
IT’S JUST A SHOW. A deep-dive analysis of cult tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000, where Beth Martin and Adam Clarke provide cultural and social commentary on the movies and references the show tackled.

And hey, it's It’s Just A Show’s first anniversary! So much to celebrate! Come join us.

Saturday, March 24, 2018. 7pm.
The Bastille (16 Walmer Rd., Toronto)

Or see our Facebook group for details.