The Scene Of The Scene.

We’ve launched another new little podcast here at Megaphonic—THE SCENE OF THE SCENE. The idea is pretty simple: You know how the best part of seeing a show is chatting with your friends about it afterwards? Talking about what you liked and didn’t like, and all the things it made you think about? It’s great. I guess not everyone does this, but I always leave a movie theater or a concert hall bursting to talk about what just happened. The Scene Of The Scene tries to capture a bit of that conversation—what was so exciting or interesting that we want to talk about it right now?

Megaphonic entered April thinking about April Fools, and then we spent the month talking about lost art and lost artists, the depiction of queer lives and being a single womanwriting romance novels, the history of migrant workers and of military projects in the far north, our childhood dreams of space, and our relationships with our adult siblings. We also got on a kick about what to do in front of an audiencewhat it means to have an audience, what some people do to gain an audience, and the terrible things that can happen if you’re “always on”. But then again, there are productive ways to lose control.

But now it’s May, when we’ll be talking about social awkwardness and grand divas, among many, many other things. And we have a few more surprises lined up...