1. Initial set up.

Let's set up a new podcast for editing in Logic. File > New normally brings up this screen:

Screenshot 2018-01-27 19.31.48.png

Make sure "Use musical grid" is unclicked.

(Sometimes, especially if you have another project open when you start a new project, it doesn't have this screen. Oh well.)

It will ask you what your first track should be; pick "Audio".

Let's set up a few other parameters. 

First, if you haven't done this before, make sure your Advanced Preferences are turned on. (This is something you'll only need to do once.) Go to Logic Pro X > Preferences > Advanced Preferences and just turn everything on. I think you mostly want the "Audio" stuff, but you might as well turn it all on.

Screenshot 2018-01-27 19.38.36.png

Then a few project-specific parameters: 

Go to File > Project Settings > General and make sure "Use musical grid" is unchecked. Then click on Synchronization and set the SMPTE code to 00:00:00:00.00. (You can just enter "0" to do this.)

Screenshot 2018-01-27 19.41.23.png
Screenshot 2018-01-27 19.41.38.png
Screenshot 2018-01-27 19.41.47.png

Go to View > Customize Control Bar and Display. Set LCD to "Custom" and select "Positions" and "Varispeed". Under Transport make sure "Cycle" is selected". Nothing needs to be selected under Modes and Functions except "Master Volume".

Screenshot 2018-01-27 19.46.47.png

Finally, of course, save the file! Logic will autosave your file aggressively, but save it in a proper place. I usually make a folder for each episode, and put all the files associated with that episode in it. I keep another folder with files that are used on every episode (theme song, bumpers, etc.).