10. The Romantic from the Cove. [Juanita Critch.]

Juanita Critch grew up in a rural Newfoundland community of fewer than 50 people. After attending Memorial University, where she graduated with a BA in religious studies and folklore, she settled in St. John’s, Newfoundland, with her husband Brian. By day, Juanita writes steamy contemporary romance for Harlequin/Mills & Boon, but by night she drinks margaritas and dreams of living on a tropical beach. Juanita and Michael talk about one-room school houses where your mom is the teacher, good teens who like angry music, religious studies, the publishing industry, and missing important phone calls.

Juanita’s Five Songs.

Aunt Martha's Sheep by Dick Nolan.
Faith by Limp Bizkit.
This River Is Wild by the Killers.
One Particular Harbor by Jimmy Buffett.
Spaceship by Kanye West.

Show Notes.

Juanita's official website. She’s also on Twitter and Instagram.

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