14. Jane Goodall and a Marshmallow. [Vivian Kotila.]

Vivian Kotila is short, round, lives in Toronto, and loves her trash. She’s basically a raccoon that's not as proficient at opening jars. Her two main vices are decaf coffee with too much cream and antique cookbooks. She owns a fighting fish named Cato the Elder.

Vivian and Michael discuss discovering your identity, the joy of bad movies, dealing with grief, what makes humanity redeemable, and the fun side of nuclear holocaust.

Vivian’s Five Songs.

Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Spoonful by Howlin’ Wolf.
A Little Bit of Everything by Dawes.
People and People II (The Reckoning) by Andrew Jackson Jihad.
We Will All Go Together When We Go by Tom Lehrer.

Show Notes.

Tom Lehrer’s Full 1959 Copenhagen Concert.

This is Your Playlist! Every song we’ve featured on every episode, in order (...if they’re on Spotify).

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