27. One Song Can Reduce You. [Pete Gresser.]

Pete Gresser is a composer and occasional voice actor who lives with his husband and their incredibly old dog in suburban Los Angeles.  He’s written music for the soundtracks of over a dozen games, the most recent release being Rex: Another Island, currently available on Steam.  By his own admission, he’s terrible at social media and has made it his 2019 resolution to attempt to feel shame for being terrible at social media, but he makes no promises about actually improving.

Pete and Michael talk about video-game music, Arizona, compositional practices, the reckoning of middle age, and how Björk taught him resilience and pride as a closeted teen.

Pete’s Five Songs:

Don’t Go by Yazoo (aka Yaz).
Scheherazade: Op. 35, II: The Story of the Kalendar Prince by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.
Simon’s Theme (from Super Castlevania IV) by Masanori Adachi and Taro Kudo.
Isobel by Björk.
Epic III (from Hadestown) by Anaïs Mitchell.

Show Notes.

Pete’s website, where you can hear some of his compositions.

Pete’s Twitter account.

Lindsay Ellis’s video on the Death of the Author.

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