33. My Heart Beats at the Rhythm of a Double Bass. [Sarah Chamberlain.]

Sarah Chamberlain is a co-host of A Part of Our Scare-itage, a Megaphonic podcast about Canadian horror movies. This is a great joy to her, since she spends most of her leisure time watching, playing, or reading scary stuff anyway. Sarah lives in Ontario and loves to write about anything that strikes her fancy.

Sarah and Michael talk about foster families, thrill-seeking, high drama, feeling music in your body, and saxophones.

Sarah’s Five Songs:

Poor Unfortunate Souls by Pat Carroll [as Ursula the Sea Witch].
Gardenia by Malice Mizer.
Walk with Me in Hell by Lamb of God.
Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus.
Where Owls Know My Name by Rivers of Nihil.

Show Notes.

A Part Of Our Scare-itage, Sarah’s podcast about Canadian horror films.

Correction: It was the drummer, not the lead singer, of Malice Mazer, who passed.

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