4. Mustachioed Persona. [Paul Fowler.]

Paul Fowler reads lewd material for a living. He’s long been involved in the publishing industry, and he’s participated in many literary endeavours. Paul grew up in a small and isolated town on the coast of Labrador, but he has lived in Toronto for more than six years, and he assures us they’re actually not all that different.

Paul’s Five Songs.

Seven Spanish Angels by Willie Nelson ft. Ray Charles.
Santa Monica by Savage Garden.
Call of Ktulu by Metallica.
Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.
What Happens When You Turn the Devil Down by The Mystery Lights.

Show Notes.

My Mama Said by Aqua. Late 90s Danish bubblegum Barbie Girl band’s more recent, surprisingly dark and haunting material.

Resurrection by Moist. Canadian 90’s alt-rock that’s really quite poppy. Paul’s co-first album, along with Savage Garden.

Satellite view of L’anse au Loup, Labrador.

Paul and Paul’s Warhammer work on Instagram.

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