5. Queer Curation. [Michael Lee Richardson.]

Michael Lee Richardson is an award-winning writer whose short film, My Loneliness is Killing Me, about loneliness in the gay community, begins production in January 2018. He's also a passionate advocate for Scotland's LGBTQ youth. Michael lives in Glasgow, but he grew up in an isolated region of England's north. You can find him on most social media as @HRFMichael (Her Royal Flyness), but he's most frequently on Twitter, where he describes himself as a “general pain in the arts”.

We discuss queerness, drag, Geri Halliwell, cult followings, sad disco, empowerment anthems, gay men and black women, is Kate Bush a Tory?, the curatorial impulse—and loads more.

Michael’s Five Songs.

Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid.
Viva Forever by the Spice Girls.
The Magic Position by Patrick Wolf.
The Loving Kind by Girls Aloud.
Flawless (Remix) by Beyoncé ft. Nicki Minaj.

Show Notes.

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