11. The Holiday Episode.

“If people are singing Christmas carols in a bar: I’m not so into that. But onstage, in a rabbit costume? It’s a totally different thing.”

Well, of course we had to do a holiday episode! If you feel isolated—either because you’re alone for the holidays, or because you don’t feel close to the people you’re spending them with—this can be a lonely time of year. But it can also be an opportunity to try to create the kinds of  get-togethers and traditions you wish you had, even if those don’t look conventionally “festive”. If you’re the kind of person who does love the holidays, it can be a chance to share the cheer. And also, honestly, this time of year can just be straight-up weird. Especially if you spend it at the mall, dressed as a cartoon rabbit.

You’ll hear that story from one of my guests, as well as several stories sent in by listeners, who have tried everything from joining the festivities of a Christmas-loving family to opting out of the holidays altogether.


Shari Kasman is a writer, multidisciplinary artist, and piano teacher. Her collection of short stories, Everything Life Has to Offer, exists thanks to Invisible Publishing. She has created art for both private space and public space, including a photocollage around a construction site. Most recently, Shari made a photo book about Toronto’s Galleria Mall. It is called Galleria: The Mall that Time Forgot. Her background is in music.

Chris Piuma spends most of his time podcasting these days. He’s one of the co-founders of Megaphonic FM and he’s the producer and editor of this very show. He also hosts The Scene Of The Scene, which tries to capture the conversation you have with your friends when you’ve just seen a movie together. He created The Scene Of The Scene to make himself leave the house and see his friends more.

Show Notes.

Many young adults in the UK say they have no-one to spend Christmas with.

The Great Christmas Get Together Advent Calendar.

Article about “Friendsgiving” in the U.S. (It’s not just for millennials!)

Buy Galleria: The Mall that Time Forgot by Shari Kasman.

Tofurky and Quorn.

Raymond Briggs’s The Snowman.

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