Your Charismatic Megaphonic Hosts.


Adam Clarke is a writer and retired comedian with an undying love for cult films, comic books, and a certain cow-town puppet show. His ravings have been published in Rue MorgueNewfoundland Quarterly, and the Telegram.

It’s Just A Show
A Part Of Our Scare-itage
And Thereby Hangs A Tale
You’re Not Funny


Beth Martin wears many hats, all of them stylish. She has a PhD in Victorian literature, and she also writes for health and wellness sites, manages a small human, and adds to her finely curated collection of podcasts. Beth has taken to heart the advice that you should make the podcast content (podtent?) you want to listen to—unfortunately for you, she has terrible taste.

It’s Just A Show


Chris Piuma does a little bit too much of everything: garbling words, designing shapes, creating images, making soundnoise—but mostly he tries to be helpy. Actually, mostly he serves as a bed for his cat, who is upset that he’s at the computer typing this.

The Spouter-Inn
The Scene Of The Scene
It’s Just A Show
You’re Not Funny


Jared Pechacek will have also done stuff.



Michael Collins is the inverse of Kirby: he looks big and tough but he’s actually quite meek. He grew up on an imaginary island but he lives in Toronto nowadays. He left a PhD in literature to be a personal trainer, but he still writes and will continue to do smart person things until his synapses degrade. He’s gay as the day is long!

This Is Your Mixtape
Dear Reader


Nadia Halim can do all sorts of stuff.

The Opposite Of Lonely


Ned Raggett blinks quizzically every so often. He works as well, but sometimes he does not, because rest is good. He writes a bit as he does, because he likes words. Maybe follow him on Twitter. It’s up to you.



Oriana Schwindt is a freelance journalist who writes about pop culture, travel, mental health, and whatever else pays in 30 days. She hosts the podcast American Grift. She re-reads the Tolkien legendarium every year.



Sarah Chamberlain spends her days surrounded by stories, whether she’s working at the library, or enjoying leisure time with a book, movie, or game. Sometimes she writes stuff.

A Part Of Our Scare-itage


Suzanne Conklin Akbari is director of the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, but would rather be working on her new project on medieval ideas of periodization, The Shape of Time, and/or lying on the beach in North Truro. She has written and edited several academic books, and is a co-editor of the Norton Anthology of World Literature. She is a master of structured procrastination.

The Spouter-Inn


The House Band.


Theme Squad provides most of the music for Megaphonic podcasts. Their chilly instrumental album, You Have the Rest of Your Life, has also been used as background music for cubicle work.