11. Spacey Polyrhythms. [Alison Dennis.]

Alison Dennis grew up in various cities and towns in Oregon, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Her involvement in music started at a young age as she participated in church choirs and school band.  She received a literature degree and some a cappella choir experience from Oberlin College in Ohio before moving to Portland, Oregon, where she has lived, with the exception of a short stint in New Orleans, for over a decade. Currently she writes, records and performs music under the name Dr. Something, performs keyboards, sax, and vocals in the psych rock band All I Feel Is Yes, creates visual art, and works a mundane office job to pay the bills. Alison and Michael talk about learning music in church, being a spacey kid, rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, artificial intelligence as metaphor for queer liberation, and losing control over being a control freak.

Alison’s Five Songs.

Up on the Roof by the Drifters.
Quem Vidistis Pastores by Francis Poulenc.
Starting Five by dios (malos).
Mushrooms and Roses by Janelle Monáe.
Control Freak by Counterfeit Madison.

Show Notes.

Dr. Something. Listen to and support Alison's music.

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