12. A Really Happy Time. [Austin Wong.]

Austin Wong is a lifelong pop culture junkie. His mom once lamented how much knowledge he could have in his head if he stopped filling up his brain with song lyrics and movie trivia. Now that he works as an entertainment lawyer, and as a producer, writer and director, those skills are now coming in handy. He’s married with a baby girl, but it doesn’t stop him from going to every diva concert that blows through town. He can’t wait until his daughter is old enough to join him—unless she turns out to be into metal, in which case he’ll try to send his husband.

Austin and Michael discuss gay conversion therapy, being friends with football jocks and art nerds at the same time, the career trajectories of Gaga and Madonna, falling in love, and dancing until you hurt yourself.

Austin’s Five Songs.

Grease by Frankie Valli.
Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order.
Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis.
Just Dance by Lady Gaga.
Vogue by Madonna.

Show Notes.

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