16. I’m Not Allowed to Be Mad. [Mikaela Dyke.]

Mikaela Dyke is an actor and writer from St. John’s currently working as an artistic producer with Circlesnake Productions, a Toronto indie theatre company known for their experimental genre shows. Her solo shows, Dying Hard and Epic Pitch, have toured all across North America to critical and audience acclaim. You can see her online in the webseries Couchsleeps dot com (Folkstar Productions) coming soon.

Mikaela and Michael talk about love songs, road trips, performance, systemic oppression, and how anger is necessary yet futile.

Mikaela’s Five Songs.

Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles.
Pour que tu m’aimes encore by Céline Dion.
Breed by Nirvana.
Surf Wax America by Weezer.
Mad by Solange.

Show Notes.

Find Mikaela on Twitter and Instagram.

The teaser for Couchsleeps dot com, a forthcoming webseries featuring Mikaela.

Céline Dion becoming emotional about the crisis following Hurricane Katrina.

The trailer for Closet Monster (2016), which Mikaela believes to contain the most true-to-life depiction of the St John’s scene she grew up with.

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