22. Horror is a Comfort to Me. [Adam Clarke.]

You might know Adam Clarke as one of the hosts of It’s Just a Show, a podcast deep dive into Mystery Science Theatre 3000. He’s also cohost of A Part of Our Scare-itage, a new podcast about Canadian horror films. Adam grew up in Newfoundland, but he’ll often claim that he was raised by a VCR. He has been a successful film critic, standup comic, actor, playwright, and short story author.

Adam and Michael talk about film scores, the contract horror films make with their viewers, the devolution of humanity, moving beyond sloganeering, and finding the joy of independence.

[Content warning: Sections two and five of this episode contain some strong discussion of physical violence. There are warnings beforehand, and if your podcast app supports chapter markers you can skip ahead to avoid any graphic descriptions.]

Adam’s Five Songs.

Godzilla to Tokyo Bay by Akira Ifukube [from the Godzilla soundtrack].
Halloween Theme by John Carpenter [from the Halloween soundtrack].
Peek-a-boo by Devo.
Ping Pong by Stereolab.
Tenebre by Goblin.

Show Notes.

Adam and Sarah’s new podcast about Canadian horror films, A Part of Our Scare-itage.

Adam and Beth’s deep dive into Mystery Science Theatre 3000, It's Just a Show.

Adam, Beth, and Chris discuss the original Godzilla film on fellow Megaphonic podcast The Scene of the Scene.

Adam’s storytelling podcast, And Thereby Hangs a Tale, where each episode he asks a guest to share the most interesting thing that's happened to them.

Late-breaking podcast synchronicity! Song Exploder released a discussion with John Carpenter about the Halloween theme today.

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