23. Fantasy Potential. [Lochin Brouillard.]

Lochin Brouillard is a Chinese adopted Québécoise who has been Anglicized and who cultivates a love-hate relationship with France. She went from being the goth high school president to a PhD student in medieval studies who’s interested in monks, family, and gender. She’s a social nerd, a feminist geek, a close reader with big ideas, and a consciously kind Slytherin who tries her best to use her power for good.

Lochin and Michael talk about “world” music, cultural Catholicism, postmedieval Quebec, gender roles, and racialized identities.  

Lochin’s Five Songs.

A Different Drum by Peter Gabriel feat. Youssou N’Dour.
Il est venu le temps des cathédrales by Bruno Pelletier.
Montréal -40C by Malajube.
Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.
China Girl by Iggy Pop.

Show Notes.

[Correction: David Bowie co-wrote China Girl with Iggy Pop.]

Lochin chats with Chris about The Return on The Scene Of The Scene. It's a movie about Korean-born people adopted by westerners returning to Korea as adults.

She has also appeared on two other episodes of The Scene Of The Scene, discussing the films Becoming Who I Was and The People’s Republic of Desire.

Lochin recommends people read Anna Wilson’s work on fanfiction, such as her essay Full Body Reading. Anna was a guest on This Is Your Mixtape 3. Lush, Vivid, and Strange.

Placebo’s cover of Running Up That Hill.

Within Temptation’s cover of Running Up That Hill.

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