6. Not Like Me. [Ned Raggett.]

Ned Raggett writes about music for a variety of locations around the world and on the web. He's been doing it for 25 years now and he doesn’t want to stop—or perhaps, he tells me, he’s lazy and used to routine. He lives and works as a library assistant for the University of California in San Francisco.

We discuss the Muppets, exile in Siberia, the necessary lie of genre, listening to music from various perspectives, and not “fitting in” like people expect you to.

Ned’s Five Songs.

Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie.
Live to Tell by Madonna.
You Take the World by The Veldt.
Always and Everywhere (I Will Follow You) by Marc Almond.
Queen by Tracey Thorn.

Show Notes.

Ned’s Bonus Beats. The previous podcast appearance that Ned mentions.

50 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time. Pitchfork album where Ned insisted on The Veldt’s inclusion.

Vazim Kodim. Wikipedia article on famous gay Russian singer who originally popularized Always and Everywhere (I Will Follow You).

Ned’s tumblr.

This is Your Playlist! Every song we've featured on every episode, in order (...if they're on Spotify).

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