12. The Gate (1987).

Sarah & Adam dig up Killer Dwarfs (sic), the connection between horror and heavy metal, special effects, and whether you can make good horror for kids when they discuss The Gate. We recommend you play this episode backwards to prevent all Hell from breaking loose in your ears.

Show Notes.

Trailer. IMDB. Wiki.

Ishtar and The Gate both hit US theatres on May 15, 1987.

The Fiasco Brothers Watch A Movie AKA Dial “T” For Fiasco.

Degrassi’s It Creeps!!

“Detotated wam”.

The Soskas have decided to let us live...for now.

Katts & Dog.

Seein’ Things episode with Louis Tripp.

Ingrid Veninger’s pUNK films.

Phil The Alien is a Canadian film co-starring Eugene Levy as a talking beaver and features Veninjer as a prostitute named Candy. Worth watching if you’re looking for a non-spooky CanCon recommendation.

Cardboard Brains.

Love Will Find A Way by Vince Carlucci.

Music videos by Eva Everything, including a snippet of the NO PLEASURE video seen in this film.

Movies recommended on this episode: The Witch, Hereditary (again!), The Lure.

90s Spider-Man wasn’t allowed to punch people.

L.A. Times article on the downplaying of scary elements—including the replacement of the Crypt Keeper puppet—for Crypt’s Saturday morning cartoon.

Mastodon: Blood & Thunder.

The “little creatures run amok” sub-genre of the 80s ranked in terms of greatness: Critters, Gremlins, Ghoulies.

The House series consists of House, House 2: The Second Story, and House IV. There is no House III in North America (long story).

Killer Dwarfs (sic).


A preview of what we’ll be discussing next time.

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