15. Cube (1997).

Adam and Sarah enter their Cubist period to discuss Vincent Natali’s Cube and the director’s proto-Cube short film, Elevated. The films—both feature and short—serve as a launching pad for your hosts to sing the praises of David Hewlett, discuss the rise and fall of C.O.R.E., and eviscerate the ways Cube (and many other films) write mentally handicapped characters. Plus, Sarah reveals how Julian Richings may be in your washroom...right now.

Show Notes.

Trailer. IMDB. Wikipedia.

In addition to Cube, there’s Cube 2: Hypercube, Cube Zero (all the flavour of the previous Cubes with none of the calories), and the unreleased Cubed.

Not to be confused with Jim Henson’s The Cube.

Forever Knight--a vampire detective show. It predates Angel and it’s basically Canada’s answer to Angel.

Julian Richings interview.

Nicole de Boer interview.

Wayne Robson on The Red Green Show.

The Saw series.

A Guardian article on how Tropic Thunder satirizes Hollywood’s depiction of the mentally handicapped (contains language some readers may find offensive).

Five Characters In Search Of An Exit.



A glimpse of what we’ll be discussing next episode (NSFW).

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