24. Rabid (1977).

In preparation for its pending remake by the Soska Sisters, Sarah and Adam discuss how David Cronenberg’s Rabid inspired the plague horrors of 28 Days Later and the sexual terrors of It Follows. Rabid’s also the story of how stem cells create a killer penis that lives in a porn star’s armpit, which makes even less sense than it sounds. Plus, your hosts reveal how to do a proper David Cronenberg impression, pan obvious Freudian readings of horror films, praise Marilyn Chambers, and celebrate the love story of Ketchup Man and Potato Man.

This episode brought to you by the phrase “Anus-Penis”. Not a real sponsor, but Sarah and Adam say it enough that it might as well be.

Show Notes.

Trailer. IMDB. Wikipedia.

Celebrate 100 years of Donald Pleasence with our Pleasence Centennial shirt, available from our store!

We reviewed Ivan Reitman’s Cannibal Girls for our fourth episode.

We reviewed the Cronenberg-free Scanners reboot, Scanner Cop, for our seventeenth episode.

Mr. Dressup.

Fraggle Rock.


Eli Roth.

Marilyn Chambers.

Chambers’ disco hit(?), Benihana.

Return Of The Living Dead. Not to be confused with Day of the Dead or Land of the Dead.

The Crazies.

28 Days Later.

It Follows.

We discussed Cronenberg’s conflicts with Patrick McGoohan in our Scanners episode.

The notorious Incredible Melting Man ending, where the title character is swept up and put in the garbage.

Want more man-melting memories? It’s Just A Show covered The Incredible Melting Man.

We covered The Uncanny in our very first episode.

Rabid is not an empowerment or sexual revenge movie like the oft-mentioned vagina dentata horror-comedy, Teeth.

Barring any technical difficulties, our next episode will be on Jen and Sylvia Soska’s remake of Rabid. Trailer.

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