3. Curtains (1983).

Only the joyless Canadian people would take the escapist, silly slasher genre and use it as a vehicle for exploring the unfair expectations placed on aging women. Sarah and Adam pay attention to the men and women behind Curtains and ask if the movie’s full of yonic imagery or yawn-ick imagery? The CanCon lesson continues as your two hosts recite monologues on tampering producers, multiple directors, alternate endings, and what makes a horror movie doll scary.

Show Notes.


Curtains: IMDB. Wiki.

Rue Morgue #146 features interviews with some cast members and the original director, as well as a summary of the original script. Plus: Adam’s got an unrelated article in that issue about horror spin-offs.

Linda Thorson in The Avengers.

Please Kill Mr Kinski.

Freddy Krueger eatin’ pizza.

The original, uh, vaginal poster for Curtains.

The revised poster with the better tagline can be seen on the Curtains Wikipedia page.

This interview with co-star Lesleh Donaldson contains a still of the original ending.

Actually, it was a McCain Punch ad.

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