6. Deathdream (1972).

Sarah and Adam relive their memories of Vietnam war movies as they discuss Bob Clark’s Deathdream, a movie that qualifies as Canadian by the thinnest of definitions. Despite this, there’s a lot of Canadian stuff to discuss, like mistaken Canadian identity, Bob Clark’s dealings with Canada, Canada’s role in the Vietnam war, and one cast member’s appearance on SCTV.

Note: Deathdream is known under a number of alternate titles, the most common being Dead Of Night (though it’s one of several movies with this title) and The Night Andy Came Home.

Show Notes.

Trailer (as Dead of Night). IMDB. Wiki.

John Marley in The Godfather (Caution: contains the horse head footage).

John Marley in SCTV’s “The Godfather” (Caution: contains a horse head puppet).

Matthew McConaughey overacting with his briefly-seen “robot leg”.

Hereditary (trailer). Sarah’s right, it’s great! Do yourself a favour and don’t spoil a single detail before you see it.

Interesting video essay on why William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist III aka Legion is the “greatest psychological thriller ever”.

Great collection of VHS artwork (mostly as Deathdream) for the film’s worldwide releases care of Cinema Arcana.

Stephen King’s Pet Sematary: Book vs. film.

Collection of posters (mostly as Dead Of Night) care of Critical Condition.

Deathdream’s original ending.

Trailer for the film we’ll be talking about next time.

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