9. Silent Hill: Revelation (2012).

Sarah and Adam return to Silent Hill to discuss MJ Bassett’s no-win scenario: making a film that simultaneously pleases fans of the Silent Hill games and the previous Silent Hill movie. Silent Hill: Revelation may not be the greatest film ever made, but its charms (including Malcolm McDowell in a mesh top) are discussed in this very special and not terribly Canadian Scare-itage.

Show Notes.

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The podcast where writer-director MJ Bassett is interviewed about her film/TV work (including Revelation) as well as her personal life, is over at The Movie Crypt. Definitely worth a listen.

There was a time when studios released direct-to-video cartoon “midquels” to films that have a newly-released sequel that jump ahead in time and fill the gap. Hence, the animated Chronicles of Riddick.

There was also an animated Van Helsing, but the Hugh Jackman Van Helsing never spawned a theatrical sequel.



Neil Young in The Last Waltz.

MJ Bassett directed the following episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead: Bait. Books from Beyond. DUI. Confinement.

MJ Bassett wrote the Ash vs Evil Dead episode Ashes to Ashes.

The goofiest moments in Darkman’s direct-to-video sequels.

Unaired Darkman Pilot (Caution: It’s terrible).

Hellraiser 3’s new cenobites.

Malcolm McDowell’s sexy Silent Hill top.

Sarah’s perfect Silent Hill movies: Mulholland Drive and The Black Coat’s Daughter.

Resident Evil 4 is really good.

Investigating Silent Hills (aka PT).

Castlevania anime season 2 trailer.

A preview of what film we’re discussing next episode.

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