2. Siblings.

“We always have each other’s back. It’s the defining feature of our relationship.”

Daniel is the youngest of three kids; Vanessa’s a middle child from a large, blended family. We talk about how older siblings mold the younger ones’ tastes and ambitions, how sometimes staying good friends with your siblings as adults means setting some boundaries, and how the one thing that always brings you and your brothers and sisters together is making fun of your parents.


Dr. Vanessa Lehan is contract faculty at York University in Toronto, where she teaches critical thinking to undergrads. She works primarily in the area of philosophy of logic and also sometimes publishes on pedagogy.

Daniel Rotsztain is the Urban Geographer, an artist, writer and cartographer whose work examines our relationship to the places we inhabit. He is the author and illustrator of two colouring books: All the Libraries Toronto, featuring every branch of Toronto Public Library, and A Colourful History Toronto, featuring Toronto’s historic sites. Recently he worked with Lindsey Lickers and Art Starts on the Cartography 17 project, a giant, collaboratively made, decolonized map of Toronto. His work has also appeared in Spacing Magazine, the Globe and Mail and Now Magazine.

Show Notes.

Adult Siblings Can Make Our Lives Healthier And Happier.

The episode of The Imposter featuring Daniel’s brother is Episode 35: Justice for Cartoon Jonny Rotsztain!

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