7. A Christmas Horror Story (2015).

Sarah and Adam have been good all year and are visited by both Krampus and Shatner Clause in this Canadian Christmas carol. Since your two horror hosts dipped heavily into the nog prior to recording things get sloppy as they discuss anthology movies, the perils of only remembering the best parts of a movie, and that damn fourth Texas Chainsaw movie where Matthew McConaughey has a robot leg.

Show Notes.

Trailer. IMDB. Wiki.

We talked about Long Pigs and its commentary in episode 5.

We discussed Deathdream and its commentary in episode 6.

We reviewed Ginger Snaps in our second episode.

Psi-Factor Youtube playlist.

Feel Canadian.

Amro Attia portfolio.

George Buza interview.

1988’s The Brain (we’ll cover this one eventually).

Bailey Downs, the setting of Ginger Snaps, Orphan Black, and this movie.

Julian Richings.

Sarah loves The Children. Not to be confused with The Children.

Trick ’r Treat (2007).

Awaken, Happy Tree. Rise to the surface!

Ed the Sock.

H0H 0H0 Canada promo featuring rapping French-Canadian elves.

Warren the Grog and PJ Fresh Phil.

Castle Rock.

A glimpse of what we’ll be reviewing next episode.

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