19. Prom Night (1980).

Sarah & Adam review one of a couple of Canadian-shot slashers to cash in on Jamie Lee Curtis’s Halloween fame between the production of Halloween and Halloween II. It’s Prom Night, the only disco-dancing, killer-on-the-loose murder mystery to feature Leslie Nielsen! Plus, your two hosts re-live their fondest memories of prom or, rather, how they both avoided it.

Show Notes.

Trailer. IMDB. Wikipedia.

As discussed in our Pin episode, the book that is the basis for the film is available for free from the Internet Archive.

Paul Zaza scored the aforementioned Curtains and the original My Bloody Valentine.

Alf Clausen.

Robert Silverman’s acting talents were previously debated on our Scanners episode.

Shelly, the least (?) likable character in the Friday The 13th series.

Maggie Simpson’s nemesis, Unibrow baby.

The McPoyles.

The rapping Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Adam & Sarah reviewed both Silent Hill and its sequel for January 2019.

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